Stoat (Mustela erminea)



These formidable predators were first brought to New Zealand from Britain in 1884 to control rabbits which were damaging the sheep pastures of European settlers.

Our native birds have very little defence against these ruthless hunters who can climb to the highest nest and also forage in underground burrows. They can travel large distances and maintain considerable territories, with females able to produce up to nine young each year.




We currently use DOC200 and DOC250 kill traps to control stoats over 40km of tracks and roads, in and around the Nelson Lakes National Park.

Some of our innovative volunteers have been refining a hinged style box for these traps, as well as trialling a new preserved meat/fish bait. One of our goals is to share our knowledge, as per the information sheets below.

If you would like to become a stoat trapping volunteer or would like more information about our stoat trapping - please contact us.

Useful Resources

Un-baited run-through trap box trial

Friends of Rotoiti stoat and possum trapping map (PDF, 1.2MB)  

DOC200 hinged box design fact sheet (PDF, 404KB)

DOC 200 trap box version 2 click here

Friends of Rotoiti stoat polymer bait summary sheet (PDF, 100KB) 

Mouse excluder for bait protection click here to download

Stoat Trapping Photos