March 2019

Banded Bird’s History

This photo of a banded black fronted tern has finally made its way to me. I am the person who banded this bird, and I am really interested to learn some more about the photo. I am really keen to know where you took that photo, as the location is key to my records.

This bird was banded at the Wairau Lagoons on 15 June 2010 as a juvenile (a first year bird) It was caught at night in a mist net using a tape lure (basically a stereo broadcasting tern calls to attract birds in). This is the first time the bird has been seen since banding, so this is a hugely important record!

I would appreciate if you could please let me know the location the photo was taken, Mike Bell

Reply- The photo was taken on the 11th January 2019 @ 11.07am

NZ grid 59s 638041E 5371754N altitude 497 meters,

Headwaters of the Howard River ,Tasman

It was with a group of twenty to twenty five pairs that successfully nested and reared fledglings there.

Russell Chilton

Julie Robilliard