August 2018

Predator Trapping Data for July 2017 - June 2018 - Peter Hale



FOR News Update - Peter Hale

Trapping results for June:
Village rat trapping (approx. 300 traps) 2 rats / 60 mice / I bird (? Sparrow)
Stoat lines (328 traps) 2 stoats / 1 weasel / 13 rats/ 1 hedgehog
Possum trapping (approx. 80 traps) 10 possums
Rodent tracking tunnel results from May showed 39% for rats and 8% for mice at Rotoiti. Rotoroa which is the control site with no predator control showed 3% for rats and 19% for mice reflecting the absence of stoat control .
A combined DOC/FOR feral cat trapping operation in mid-May in the Teetotal Recreational Reserve utilising 15 Havahart live capture cages resulted in the capture of 16 feral cats and 1 possum. An FOR operation on Mt Robert Rd in late May with 8 traps resulted in 1 feral cat being caught.
For the year July 2017 to June 2018, 65 feral cats were caught by FOR members and supporters, mostly in the village and rural land adjacent to the Park.

Great Spotted Kiwi Activities - Chris Richards

Volunteers have been learning how to locate the position of monitored GSK using transmitted signals and triangulation techniques. 

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer. 

Julie Robilliard