May 2017

Kiwi Project News - Chris Richards

Firstly, a big welcome to what will be one of the most significant programs the Park has seen for many years – with amazing long term effects for the Park, its surroundings, the village and the top of the South!

In the week of May 8th, Jen Waite and Nic Joyce, Biodiversity DOC Rangers and our main DOC contact people during the GSK project are running a training evening. 5.30 pm at DOC some brief training then a walk to hear some Kiwi followed by a wind up back at DOC, see Jen’s notes below under, “Kiwi Night Walk”. Jen is also offering “Transmitter change trips” and “Kiwi datastream monitoring”.

In June Nic is organising a South Island GSK Kiwi Hui at the Deer Stalkers. Speakers from other projects, plus lots more, and we are invited.

When details of this Hui are finalised you will be emailed.

Rainbow Line - Russell Chilton

I cleared and re-baited traps with erayze with Wayne on Sunday 30th April. The day started out fine in the morning to being overcast at midday to pouring with rain by the time we finished. Over the winter we have decided to change baits on our monthly clearances.

Pat has informed me due to commitments, he cannot do the 25th August, so a space is available to anyone wishing to do the line on that weekend.

We have had a great summer season with stoat and ferret catches, going by my running tally, since November 2016 to May 2017 we have caught 125 Stoats and 2 Ferrets "our main target" on the Rainbow line

Whisky Line - Wayne Sowman

Sim and I checked Whisky line on Friday 5 th and re-baited all stoat, possum, and cat traps. Cool morning but turned out a beautiful day. Catches for the day - 3 rats, 1 cat , 2 possums.

Stoats wanted

Jamie from Otago Uni is now after any stoats from the bush. So any stoats we catch over the next month if we could bag them up with one of those labels Jamie has made and put them in the freezer for him. He will probably be coming up in June to do some more sampling. He found lizards in the guts of the stoats he has processed so far so DOC is doing some analysis to work out what species these are.

Whisky Line - Warwick Ward and Drew Hunter

Today, May 6th, two experienced superannuitants, carried out the above line check with the following results; 

Stoats were taken from traps numbered, 34 & 72, & they now reside in the top drawer of the FOR freezer.

A rat was taken from trap number 132. This was a rather large beast but now presents no more danger to the avian residents of the forest.

DF 3 yielded a male possum in fine condition.

Whisky Line - Drew Hunter

The line was cleared on 22 May - catches 7 rats, 3 stoats and 1 possum. Trap 45 had been vandalised and is currently out of action.