July 2017

Kaka Video - Russell Chilton

Subject: Kaka Direct link to U Tube Video


Interesting item about our Nelson Lakes kaka. 

Biodiversity- Peter Hale

Those of you that have been following the Ruataniwha Dam land swap case may be interested in this opinion piece on the risks and gains of trading biodiversity:


Whisky Line - Wayne Sowman

Wayne, Kevin and Sim checked Whisky trap line on Tuesday 18 th, cold morning and the day turned out beautiful and sunny.

Catches for the day were 7 rats and 3 possums. A monitoring camera was put in at one trap. All traps were rebaited.

Rainbow Line - Bryce and Carol Buckland

Carol, Bryce and Drew had a busy time resetting traps where cattle had disturbed them. Catches were 2 possums, 4 rats, 1 stoat and 2 hedgehogs. Unfotunately two traps ( 1 and 19) were missing. 

Black Swans - Peter Hale

The origin and merits of the black swan has been the topic of conversation many times amongst FOR members whilst doing the trap line along the western side of Lake Rotoiti. This article sheds some light on their origin as well as featuring our marvellous backyard: