Weka- proof rat tunnel

Weka- proof rat tunnel design using Victor Professional rat trap

Construction materials:

  • DD grade H3 construction plywood, 12 mm base, 7 mm sides and top, stapled (or nailed) and glued with polyurethane 30 minute cure glue.
  • Trap screwed to a 1.5 mm rigid plastic slide
  • Mesh entrance secured with a 40 mm long stainless R-clip.


Dimensions (internal):

  • 95 mm wide, 125 mm high by 550 mm long.
  • 45 mm entrance hole.

Rat trap

Ensure the mesh is hinged as shown, both staples close to the inside of a vertical mesh section (or both on the outside) to prevent sideways movement when opening.

Rat trap

An alternative R-clip fixing point using a larger size

Rat trap


Download a PDF of this file here.